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What is your current car worth? That is a simple question to ask and unfortunately often a difficult answer to get. At NYC Car Lease, we think you should be able to know exactly what kind of asset you have in your possession long before you make the decision to buy or lease a new car. To help you better prepare for your next step in leasing, we offer full-scale trade in appraisals for all New York or New Jersey vehicles.

What We Look for in Your Appraisal

Our inspectors will evaluate your car’s worth based on a number of factors ranging from obvious large scale features to the smallest additions and details. Our appraisal inspections consider:
  • Make, model, year and mileage of your car
  • Your car’s history of accidents and ownership
  • Additions and upgrades like lift kits or tint and tires
  • Demand for your car in the area
Our inspectors are fair and honest, and you can even get a preliminary report with a simple questionnaire.

The Best Trade In Appraisals in New York

When we appraise your car, we are not looking to swindle or juke the stats, we are simply looking to give you a fair and transparent estimate of your car’s real worth. Time and time again our customers report that our appraisals beat anything they receive from other dealers, and that is because we never cut corners or cost.

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